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So, I was just notified 2 and half hours ago. I didn’t get the job. I was not that disappointment initially. But now, it’s setting in. I really wanted to teach in that school. Now…… I have no idea. I have a mixture of feelings floating around in myself. It doesn’t feel very good. I realize that God is in control. But still…. I still feel.

Disappointment isĀ  what makes me feel mildly like smashing the wall in and screaming with rage. And at the same time just whimpering the whole winter away. Really though? My dear friend….. Jesus, why? I thought this was your grand plan for me…..





I know…. I learned an exponentially large degree from this experience.

Please, scoop me up into your big creator hands. I just want to feel warmth.

Please show me what to do next.


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