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Month one

Girl is four weeks old today. This marks the end of the newborn stage. As lovely as they are, I am glad to reach this mark. She’s starting to sleep longer at night and is closer to showing us some smiles and personality.

I am intrigued at how different she is to Boy. You really can’t compare babies as what they say is so true, they are all different. Girl spits up from time to time, something Boy never did. Once she lost her entire meal in my lap. I have to work harder to burp her so those air bubbles don’t send milk up or give her tummy pains.

I also didn’t realize how much I had forgotten from looking after Boy. It’s like I blocked out huge portions of memory since I was so sleep deprived last time. It’s been better this time since we are closer to family and they are happy to help but it’s still very hard.

Boy loves his sister. I’m happy he’s accepted her right away.

She really is quite a good baby. Sleeps well once asleep. She doesn’t cry a horrible amount. But, she does get bored quickly if you’re not walking or moving around with her.

We are doing well, taking one day at a time.

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