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Mid Winter

A big hello to the world! I’m sorry to those that follow this blog for the long interval of no posting. Lets see… I’ve just finished a two week holiday in between term 2 and 3. It’s been great this last term. I put boundaries in place and followed them the whole time. This allowed me to have 4 hours of free time all to myself at the end of each day. I go home, make dinner, hang out, go to bed. Lovely.

Anyway, beyond that, I’ve started the evolution unit with my year 13 biology students and I’m really enjoying it.  I gave each of them an essay by a scientist that believes in a 6 day creation and when we go back to school on monday, two students will give an oral summary for the class each day until everyone has gone. It’s cool because I can show them how there are difficulties in both theories… (evolution and creationism)… and then advise the students that it takes faith to believe either. I then can show them bible verses that support why we as christians can have faith in creationism. I stress to them that I’m not asking that they believe one theory or another, or making them, but to think about it themselves and make a real choice.

Over the holiday I went down to Wellington for the day with the two new assistant deans on campus. They are here doing a student missionary year like I did when I went to Yap. Wellington is the capital of New Zealand and is quite a large city. We looked at shops, drove up to a look out, the Te Papa Museum, checked out some touristy places and then drove home. It was cool. Then on Sunday I went down again to see some more things such as the Botanic Gardens and the Cable Car in the city with Dexter. It was a lovely day.

Then on our way home we stopped at a Noodle Canteen take away food place and while we were waiting for our noodles we felt the large earthquake that you may have heard about in the news recently. It was a 6.9 and the epicentre was in the Cook Straight, between the north and south island. Some boxes fell over in the restaurant and everyone rand outside just to be safe. There was minor damage in the city, but after looking at the news that evening I realised that we were just on the streets that had to be shut off temporarily because of broken glass and damage that had littered the sidewalks below the large buildings. I’m glad we weren’t in the city when it happened. A women was telling us outside that she just came out of a pub where all the bottles fell of the shelves and the glasses smashed on the floor and all the old men were hiding under the tables. What did it feel like? Well, the ground was moving back and forth and you could here the building shaking and creaking too. It only lasted a little while, maybe 30 seconds where we were. You can read about the quake here:

1. news article

2. news article 2

3. news article 3 

Anyway, I’ve posted some more pictures on my flickr account. They are from the last several months. Just click here to view them 🙂 I’ll put some down below of Wellington as well. If you click the link here you can hear what a Tui bird sounds like, which is in a few of the photos on the linked page. Enjoy!




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