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Baby Boy is here :)

The past few months have been a blur! The last month of my pregnancy was extremely uncomfortable. Being so big was just awful. The birth finally came, and while yes, it did hurt, most of it really wasn’t that bad. I’d say the last two hours were anything to really comment about, and yes it still has me questioning having any more lol… but as everyone says, the memory is fading. The recovery was almost worse, considering the healing process still isn’t finished. Couldn’t sit without hurting for at least a month, and I’m still a bit sore 10 weeks later. But enough of that… The result: a healthy baby boy. And what a precious one at that.

It is a marvellous thing to be a new mother. The love just grows and grows for this new human, that only a short while ago didn’t even exist. Just to keep things more private on a public blog, I’m going to refer to him as Boy. My baby boy :). He’s been growing so well. He didn’t lose any weight after his first week, and put on 300g each week for the first month. His eyes have finished clearing and they are a dark brown like mine. His skin colour is also revealing itself to be a beautiful olive, like mine as well. His body type is after Darren. He’ll probably be about average height but he’ll be tough and strong. I’m not sure what colour his hair will be yet. It seems to be a light brown, but he doesn’t have much of it. It will likely be curly like both of us.

What’s it like to be a new mom? Well, I’d say it really opens up the possibilities you have to connect with other women. You all of a sudden have the same thing in common and have something to talk about if nothing else. There’s a common ground. It’s really quite cool. As far as the work involved, well thankfully Boy is sleeping about 6-7 hours  at night now before needing another feed. He only wakes once around 3 or 4. The first month had me getting up 3-4 times a night and it was extremely challenging to say the least, but I’ve had so much support here from friends and family. I’ve been blessed to not have suffered from any type of post birth depression. I’m really thankful for how things have gone and it just gives me so much joy to think of all the new experiences and memories that are to be had with our new baby boy.

In other news, its Summer here and our garden is under way again. Darren bought me a seed house for seedlings so I don’t have to keep them in the spare room which has the most light in the house. We also have new chicks. Six to start, but two have been lost so I locked them up so they can’t get into any more trouble. Chickens aren’t very smart, but they’re cute. I need to keep at least three alive for a friend who is buying them from me for a Christmas gift.

For Christmas we are planning on going camping. I’m really looking forward to it because we are going for four days straight in the same place. This means we can really settle in for a while. I’ll be sure to put up pictures of this after we come back.


2015-10-05 14.52.28

1 week

2015-10-19 15.11.04

3 weeks – Buying some tomato plants for the garden.

2015-11-17 16.02.50

7 weeks – first smile on camera. First smile a few days earlier.

2015-11-17 18.29.57

7 weeks – Watching cars with Daddy


2015-11-19 15.10.36

8 weeks – more smiles, hard to capture!



9 weeks – In his new flanny and overalls from Great Auntie Janice. What a handsome boy 🙂


10 weeks – A friend lent me this carrier. Boy falls straight to sleep in it, but screams when he wakes up and wants to get out, haha…

2015-12-06 15.22.10

Seed house

2015-12-03 15.04.32

New chicks


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