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I learned three fascinating things today. Well, I already sort of knew these things… but some connections were brought to my attention that I hadn’t realized before. As a student teacher at an Adventist academy, I also attend their school devotionals each morning. This morning The music teacher spoke and asked us about numbers that are important in the bible.

The first number mentioned was……



you guessed it…. 7

7 is the number of completeness of spiritual perfection. There are 7 days in a week, 7 lampstands, 7 angels, 7 trumpets, 7 seals… etc.

Now God made music, but how can we see the number 7 in music? Even though we know there are 8 notes in an octave, actually there are only 7 notes in a scale, because the last one is a repetition of the first. i.e. A B C D E F G a complete scale. In physics, if you jump from C to the next C an octave higher, you have just doubled the frequency of the sound waves. It’s interesting that there are 7 steps of increasing frequency before it is finally doubled. The completeness of music.

The second number mentioned was 12.

12 is also perfection, but some say governmental perfection. In the bible there are 12 tribes, 12 gates to New Jerusalem, 12 disciples, 12 foundations, 12 gems in the ephod, 12 squared is 144 correlating to the 144,000.

How is the number 12 related to music? Well, there just so happens to be 12 half steps in a scale.

A to A#

A# to B

B to C

C to C#

C# to D

D to D#

D# to E

E to F

F to F#

F# to G

G to G#

G# to A

Voila! 12 again! 🙂

And lastly, the number 3 is also an important number in the bible. Most significantly, 3 is thought of when we think of the persons of God. Three yet one. How is this possible? Well, a stool cannot stand without at least three legs. If God is love, how could he be love without relational properties, such as having more than one person? But what about in music? Three notes can create 1 chord or harmony. Ah…three persons, one harmony. I think that is beautiful.

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