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Our travels this winter

We headed south mid August to visit some friends and family for about two weeks. Boy got to meet his second cousin and spend a couple days with him which was really neat. These boys are 5 months apart in age and I’m hoping they can grow up as friends. What is also cool is that his mum is having a baby girl a month or two after me, So when we go visit, our kids will have a same gendered playmate. Darren grew up knowing his cousins from their yearly trips down south and I hope we can keep that alive in this next generation.

We were kept quite busy while around Christchurch and then headed north to the Golden Bay for a week. Darren did some fishing with his uncle and cousin. He caught a shark we threw back and a couple flounder. Boy and I had some fun outside near the sea. I finished a sweater for Boy while there. I think it turned out well, but it won’t fit him very long. It’s also made from wool thats kind of hard to take care of…. Not sure I’ll do that again.

We also checked out a local Salmon fishery and caught four Salmon that we got filleted and some smoked. We’ve been enjoying it from our freezer occasionally now. Boy was a bit unsure of the flopping fish at first. He did quite like the goats wandering around though.

When we returned home we had a week free which Darren used to inatall seatbelts into our bus. Then we took our maiden voyage in it up to Rotorua for Darren’s Nana’s 90th birthday. It’s nowhere near finished but it was great to get to use it for the long weekend. Boy and I went mini golfing while the others went louging. The louge is like a gocart you ride down a hill made into a track. They didn’t let pregnant people do it, so we found our own fun. There were tame rabbits running around the golf course which was pretty cool. Since Boy was under two at the time, the lady let us go for free.

On the way home we got a flat tyre. Boy enjoyed helping daddy fix it.

Then, Boy turned two! We bought him a balance bike. He’s tried it a few times, but I think he’ll need some time to grow more confident to get zooming around on it. We asked him if he wanted to go sit on his bike and he literally went and sat on it. Haha…

We are now anxiously awaiting the arrival of our baby girl. She is due Nov 1 which is in 24 day. I wouldn’t mind if she showed up early as I’m quite fed up feeling pregnant at this point. But, better that she comes when she’s ready.

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