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Today, Boy had fun in the mud while we were inside. I could.see him from the kitchen window. I went out to check on him and found he was more dirty than I thought. Ha! Even tried to eat the mud it seems.

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We bought a bus!

So, we looked at two buses, decided not to buy them, waited a while longer, then saw this bus advertised on a Monday, Darren flew to see itnon Wednesday then drove it home and was home Thursday. We barely got it too, because another couple offered more for it, but we think the sellers didn’t like them, and gave it to us since we inquired first, when it was their right to accept the higher offer.

It’s a 1985 bus, 8 meters long. We are going to put the lounge, kitchen, and dining room in the bus and then pull a trailer with the shower, toilet and beds.

We are so excited! It will probably take at least a year before its all done, but in the meantime we have moved to Darren’s parent’s farm and are living in their bus, which they don’t use. It’s quite cozy and we are enjoying being on the farm. Below are some photos of the bus we bought, and the bus we are living in currently. The last photo is of Boy playing with a toy Darren made for him two weeks ago. It has buttons that turn on different colour lights.

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