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This morning I awoke to the sound of a crying baby.

Not a human baby, but a crow baby.

I remember watching a nature show a while back about crows and one thing I learned is that young crows stay with their parents about 5 years before they go off on their own. The reason for this is the birds intelligence. There is so much for them to learn before being an adult crow that they stay with mom and dad. They have quite the social system too and can even communicate to each other about the things around them.

I think this is quite amazing and saw proof of this to a degree this morning. My alarm this morning sounded like a high pitched crow caw-ing away. There were three of them, all near the corn cob stuck out side my window in a tree.  The youngster, was bellowing for his parents to feed him something, crying, and shaking his wings in urgency to his empty belly. Most of his attention was to only one of the parents, but both were there, sticking together as they ate their own corn. The young one flew from parent to parent, begging with demanding gestures to be fed. The parents continually ignored him and instead of feeding him, pecked at their own corn, cracking it open with their beaks and eating it without giving it to baby. The parent being pestered would fly away to a nearby tree occasionally from annoyance but both youngster and second parent would follow.

The young crow was just being stubborn. His parents were showing him how to eat and he was fully capable, looking just as old as they, to feed himself. All he had to do was calm down and try it.

I find many lessons from this:

  1. Crows have tantrums too. It’s not wrong to feel that way sometimes.
  2. Crow parents know when to pull away and how to stop babying their children. They don’t give in to the yelling, but patiently and lovingly wait it out, encouraging the youngster to take care of himself.
  3. Crow parents stick together even when things get hard.

While crows are notorious for earning the reputation of a nuisance, I think we can take these lessons and apply them to our lives in some way. I’m so happy when God helps me learn from nature.

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