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Fraser Island

We just left Fraser Island a few days ago. Its the largest islamd, completely made out of sand in the world. We spent three days there camping and looking around. To be honest, we were a bit disappointed, because of all the rules there were. You couldn’t do very much with your 4 wheel drive vehicle except stay on the paths amd on the beach. Couldnt gonon any dunes, many of the harder bits had wood planks to help you get across and the paths were all pretty basic. Darren wished it was a bit more challenging. 

But, we did enjoy some of the othere things they had to offer. We saw a few of the fresh water lakes on the island. One had lots of little turtles which were cute. Another lake was just beautiful and is pictured below. It was cold, but we went swimming in it anyway. Boy enjoyed playing in the sand very much as well.

We also saw some dingoes, another goana and some interesting birds. We camped in the center of the island on the third night in some tall rainforest-like trees. While there we found a trap door spider, some scorpions on a tree, millipedes and a few leeches, one of which was found sucking blood from in between Boy’s fingers. He had been crawling on the ground. He didn’t see to mind, but it took a while to stop bleeding after we pulled it off.


Noisy Pitta


Another night on the island Boy found a half can of my ginger beer I left in a camping chair cup holder. When we found him he was slurping with glee and covered in the soda. We took it away, but he cried, so we gave it back sonce the can was empty by then any way. He was so pleased witj his discovery! ‘Mmm, mmMMM, MMMM!!!’ He said. Haha!

We did have a good time, but we wouldn’t go back again.We had to take a ferry too and from the island as well. Now we are on our way back down to the Sydney area. We don’t have much planned at all for the remainder of our trip, but will visit some friends and then fly home. It’s been a nice time, Boy has loved playing in all the dirt and seeing so much nature, Darrens loved driving all the trails, but I’m ready to go home. Below are some other photos from our trip:

Our dirty vehicle

Galah Parrots


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Saltwater Crocodiles 

When we were near the top of the Cape York Peninsula we saw our first croc from a hill as it swam parallel to the shore. We saw another one in this photo today. 

Up closer:

We were just south of Cooktown. While in this area we stayed at a camp ground in the Dain Tree Rainforest and one of the staff there gave us a little tour of their crocs held in theirtl captivity. There was a freshwater crocodile, which are very harmless and will only bite you if you step on them. Then there were two saltwater crocodiles. These are very aggressive and will come after you as they see you as prey. It is important to stay out of the water while in this area as you may not know if one is there. It sounds really scary, but if you take the right precautions there is nothing to be afraid of, and pretty much all croc attacks are while people are being really stupid and not using common sense. 

Something I found quite interesting is that until recently people believed that crocs took prey and hid it under a log to rot a while before coming back to finish it. New research with underwater cameras have shown that this is not true. The crocs hide the meat so it can rot yes, but then they return to eat the crabs and other things that are eating the original animal. This way they actually get a lot more food than just the one they first caught. Quite smart of them really. They are essentially farming.

They can also control their blood vessels so that blood only flows to their vital organs and not their limbs. This way they can conserve oxygen and stay under water much longer.

Anyway, just wanted to share. I’ll be posting a lot more photos after we get home of the whole trip. There are other people with us with much better cameras than me, so I haven’t been takimg many. I’ll get theirs when we are finished.

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The top

Heading south now. Back down the way we came. Cooktown is next on the agenda, then Cairns. Has been lovely fun, but I’m happy to have cooler nights again. 

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