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An effective teacher is a set of lenses that are kept in good shape. More than one lens can be used at a time and different types can be used at once to help a student see in a way they could not before. The lenses are also kept in working shape so that vision is the clearest.

An effective teacher can use two lenses just as a pair of glasses does. Even though each student may not be able to physically see, each student does have ‘eyes’ with which they understand the world. Just as eyes sometimes need help to see things, an effective teacher can help their students ‘eyes’ to focus on concepts so they can see more clearly and no longer have blurred or confused vision.

Sometimes students need help clarifying things that are very far from their understanding such as when someone is near-sighted. In these situations an effective teacher will use two convex lenses. At other times students have trouble seeing things that are right in front of their noses such as those who are farsighted. In theses situations an effective teacher will use two concave lenses from their kit.

Depending on the student and effective teacher will use the correct lenses when helping their students to see the content. Sometimes students are neither near or far-sighted. These students would need both types of lenses at different times. An effective teacher has the ability to use the correct lenses at appropriate times to best help their students see what is being taught.

Just like each person needs varying degrees of help from corrective lenses or no corrective help, an effective teachers is able to offer enough help and not too much. They also know how to show students that have better vision how to help those with worse.

In the same way effective teacher uses the right lenses at the right time, an ineffective teacher uses the lenses at the wrong times. They also may use too many lenses or not enough at one time. This makes things less clear than they were to begin with and the student leaves feeling like they are incapable of learning or seeing at all.

An effective teacher uses their set of lenses to make a telescope and a microscope. They use a convex lens that will enlarge a concept and a concave lens that will focus it to their students’ eyes. Depending on the different distances between the lenses different concepts can be seen. This teacher will vary how they present the material so each can be seen clearly.

When an effective teacher is a telescope they help their students see things that seem insignificant and small but are actually very large and important. With the help of an effective teacher the student can see all the details that they wouldn’t normally notice.

When an effective teacher is a microscope they are showing their students how seemingly intimidating and complex things are actually made up of many simple parts. An effective teacher can break concepts down so they can be taken in one at a time. By honing in on each part, the smaller concepts begin to make sense as a whole.

An effective teacher can also use many lenses at one time in such a way that a camera does. They can show the content area as a whole so the students see the big picture and how it fits in the world and also how it relates to them. The classroom can be much like a screen where an effective teacher shows what they have recorded.

In the same way that lenses must be taken care of, so the effective teacher must be sure to update and take care of their knowledge base. Lenses must be cleaned and replaced when they are chipped or cracked. Effective teachers also make sure that what they know is updated with the most current knowledge available. What was right 10 years ago might not be right anymore and must be replaced with the new. Effective teachers search out the newest and most relevant knowledge to help their students.

A teacher that does not do this is not effective because it is like using cracked or foggy lenses. When this type of teacher teaches, their students often have to squint their eyes to see clearly. This can do damage to their sight and make it harder for them to see clearly in the future.

The effective teacher is a set of lenses that is kept in good shape. They see more than their students and help their students eyes see what they do. The effective teacher has many different tools to draw from just like a set of lenses has many types available. An effective teacher however is not perfect just as a kit of lenses sometimes has imperfections. The effective teacher is however, aware of this and constantly trying to improve. The most important part to an effective teacher is that they help students to see clearly.

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Little birdie,

Remember that I am your safety and your hiding place;

you can trust me.

Without a doubt, I will rescue your from the snare of the hunter,

and from this retched disfigurement.

I will surround you with my feathers, and under my wings you will trust in me:

my truth will be your security and protection.

You need not be afraid of the panic of night

nor the arrows that fly by day,

nor the sickness the come without warning,

nor the calamity you can see clear as day.

Little birdie,

Remember my promises, you need not worry.

Poem inspired by Psalms 91:1-6

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God is calling me to be a teacher. I am sure of this. It is clear to me that God has given me many gifts that would make an excellent teacher. I used to strongly dislike the idea of teaching. This was due to my insecurities and lack of confidence in God’s gifts to me. I have come to realize that I can have confidence in God. He has a plan for my life and each person.

I am a scientist, for I have a goal to better understand the how and the why of the physical world. True, science is only one subject, but it is an integral part of what education is as a whole. Each subject is not learned simply on its own but is learned through and with everything else. As an expert in science, my goal is to teach my students how to see the ways in which each subject is woven throughout the fabric of education. For within science there is also art, history, math, music, language and even religion.
Thank you Jesus for the calling. Help me to succeed in following you.


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The Ungame

My roomate, my friend and I just played the Ungame. I played it with my mom and friends when I was younger and I thought it was so cool to answer questions and such. You get to know people in a way you didn’t before and you see a different side of you friends without feeling awkward. I really appreciate the fact that this game was invented. I feel that I had a very holistic evening getting to know my friends. I have just formed some new memories that I will cherish I’m sure.

If you can, I recommend that anyone plays the Ungame with your friends family, or even foes.

The Ungame has a thousand answers to every question! This non-competitive game explores the entire range of human experience from light-hearted fun to tender moments by asking simple questions of players. Both entertaining and educational, the Ungame is a great ice-breaker for group activities and works equally well with couples, friends, youth groups, or students!

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Poemsong to my best friend
I have a lot of doubts, but I know there is truth in God. My feelings tell me to doubt, but my brain tells me to trust.

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Thank you Jesus, for Sabbaths…

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