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It’s my first spring in New Zealand and it is even more so my favorite season because in New Zealand you actually get to see baby animals everywhere. Where I come from animals are kept in barns and are not often seen in fields. There are a lot of sheep and cows in New Zealand and they are all kept in paddocks to graze on grass. This means that when they have babies, you get to see them as well. The baby animals bring a smile to my face. They are all so cute.  I’ve seen ducks, chicks, calves, and lambs. Today I got to see a freshly born black little lamb. He was still wobbly on his feet and just learning to suckle. How precious… Praise God for baby animals.

The days are getting warmer now and there is only one week left until the 2 week holidays. I’m looking forward to it. My students just did mock exams in preparation for the real exams that happen in November. Some of them did very well, but others need to pick up their game and study harder. Hopefully they will do so and not throw in the towel now after seeing their marks. Apparently it’s typical for students to not study until the last-minute… Hmm, I think I remember doing that a few times. I don’t have any new photos to put up, but I will include a picture of this lamb which is like the one I saw today. 🙂 I hope everyone is enjoying the last bits of warm weather up there in the north! I’m enjoying the blossoms, longer afternoons and warming days.


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