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For those that don’t know already, we are expecting a baby girl on November 1. I am over the moon excited to be having a girl after having a sweet little boy. Below is a photo from our 20 week scan. I find it interesting to compare her scan to Boy’s. The face and head shape are different. I can’t wait to meet her and see what she’s like. 

Since finding out we’re having a girl, I’ve gone through Boy’s old clothes and given half away and kept half. Some of the more neutral items I’ve been girlifying. It’s fun! I like girly, but really dont like how pink and purple everything is for girls. It’s all a marketing ploy if you ask me. I hope to dress our daughter in all sorts of colours. Below are some of what I’ve been doing:

And below is a picture of Boy enjoying some Blackberry sorbet I made from some berries we picked back in January.

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