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Hello everyone,

Teaching is going well. I’m realizing that I need to work less and focus less on making what I do perfect. I know that improvements can happen over several years. I don’t need to have everything figured out right now. If I keep pushing myself the way that I have over the last couple months, I think I will burn out as a teacher. I need to allow myself some more rest. I’ve been doing that now, but all the work has been catching up to me in the form of fatigue. I know that a lot of first year teachers go through this, so it’s not completely discouraging. It’s actually encouraging to know that others go through the same thing. It’s been extremely helpful and such a blessing to have such a good friend here in New Zealand. I know things would be different if he was not here to offer an arm to lean on.

I don’t have many new pictures to post right now. Please keep my students in your prayers. There is one who may lose his eyesight, and my heart just goes out to him. It must be so hard to not see. Please pray that his optic nerve heals from the inflammation that has been present for many weeks now.

Dexter and I are also ambitious to start giving Bible studies to some people here. We’ve never done this before, but are excited and optimistic to be able to spread the good news that God loves them.

Autumn is starting to creep upon us. For Easter we get a 5 day weekend and it’s just what I’ve needed. In a few weeks we get our first term break which is for 2 whole weeks. I can’t wait. I think I’m going to do as little as possible. I think I’ll write a more proper blog post then. 🙂

Below is  a graph of what a lot of first year teachers go through. The months don’t match up with my year, but I’d say I’m near the disillusionment stage.

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