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Currently I’m hatching out baby chickens. I’ve hatched 10 so far, have 17 in the incubator scheduled to hatch just after Easter and then I’ll probably do another 12. What am I going to do with all of these chickens? Well, of those 39 babies, I’ll be giving 6 to Darren’s dad who requested some. Then of the 33 left, I’m hoping to get at least 50% girls which would be around 16 add the two hens hatched at christmas and that’s 18 hens. Then when they start laying, which will be Springtime 6 months from now I’m hoping to sell them. How am I going to sell 18 hens? Well, since these hens have come from chickens that have the blue egg gene, I’m hoping they will also lay blue/coloured eggs. I am convinced that there are people out there wanting to buy layers that lay blue eggs but there are not very many people selling them. So, that’s the plan.





Also we have recently been collecting a harvest from our garden. We have pretty sandy soil so some things did great, like the leeks, zucchini, cabbage, carrots, beets, and lettuce. But some things didn’t like the sand such as our tomatoes, and beans. We got a very small bean harvest. Only 1 cup beans from 20 plants. Our tomatoes were very sick and we got enough to use now, but nothing to preserve for later. We think maybe we need to bulk up the organic matter in our soil to do better. Oh, but the picture of the pitchfork is what I found buried 2 inches under the soil while I was weeding… I wonder how long that’s been there!







Several weeks ago I returned to school. I’ve dropped down to part time because I think I’ll be much happier working less until the baby arrives. It’s been interesting catching up with the students and I’m looking forward to one more term with them before I go on maternity leave.

The baby in my belly is 15 weeks along now and I”m starting to get a bump. It’s kinda funny because I look down to do something and I see it and think subconsciously that I need to correct my posture because I shouldn’t have such a gut, and then I remember, ‘Oh, right…’ So baby is about as long as an orange and I do believe I occasionally can feel something in there, not sure though. Morning sickness is finally over! Nausea lasted from 6 weeks to about 11 weeks and fatigue lasted from 6 weeks to 13 weeks. I feel mostly like myself again and it’s very refreshing. I haven’t really gained any weight yet, so wondering when that will kick in.



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