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Almost moving!

So, this is what’s been happening for the last couple of weeks… and now he can finally get shoulders and bum off the floor at the same time! No crawling yet. I’m banking on before June, he’ll have it sussed.




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Town day

We live a bit out of town, and I only go in to run errands and do some grocery shopping once a week if I can help it. So, when I do get into town, its a full day of business, in and out if shops and places. Having a baby in tow can make things take twice as long and after a while he grows tired of getting in and out of the car seat. So, thankfully, I’m able to drop him off at Darren’s parents place for a few hours. It feels great to be free to rush around, but when I’m done I can’t help but miss the little guy. It makes me think how I can’t imagine how some parents choose to put their babies into daycare everyday… You would miss so much. Boy had a lot of fun in some of the shops today. He likes to make happy noises with his voice, yelling out and bouncing in his trolley seat. Very cute.



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Here in New Zealand, I’ve noticed that there are no diners, or ‘family restaurants’. I do actually miss those. Places like Denny’s or Perkins, or IHOP, or sit down places with a huge menu where you can order ‘family food’…or evem places like Chipotle’s, or Panera Bread… Restaurant chains over here are limited to McDonalds, Burger King, Hardee’s (called Carl’s Junior here), Wendy’s, KFC, Pizza Hut, and Subway, all of which have smaller menus compared to the US. There are sit down restaurants that are not fast food, where you can get Indian, or Thai, or Meditteranian, or Italian, or Pizza, etc… But Diners and Family Restaurants kind of don’t exist. The sit down restaurants are not chains… which I think is cool. More small business owners can have their own place and get business.

The thing that kind of replaces the Diner though is the Cafe….. but really only in quantity, not anything else. But, I know what you’re thinking. Cafe’s sell coffee. Yes, but cafe’s here are not like Starbucks (NZ doesn’t really have that either). The cafe’s are not chains and are literally everywhere…. I would probably be able to safely estimate there being at least 30-40 of them in the city of Palmerston North (around 100,000 population), probably one on every corner in the down town city. They are small little restaurants where you can get coffee, but also lunch, and dinner food, and smoothies, and salads, and desserts, but on a smaller menu.

The price is not diner in resemblance at all though. You usually would pay around $20-30 NZ dollars for a meal, which would be around $15-25 US dollars. And that meal would just barely fill up a larger person if they were only medium hungry. No leftovers really at any restaurants here in NZ. The portion sizes are much smaller, for more money. But, the presentation is pretty nice. It’s very popular for people to go to a cafe for lunch, or catch up with a friend, or a work meeting etc… It’s really hard to explain completely, and it also took me a while to really grasp this difference between NZ and the US.







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