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Fun at the park

One of Boy’s first words was ‘duck’. We havducks and the word sounds like ‘truck’ which he can also say. He can also say, ‘rock’ and more recently, ‘mum!’ when he really wants my attention. 🙂 We went camping last weekend and we drove past some sheep on a hill in the distance (pretty typical for NZ haha…). Boy pointed and said, ‘duck! duck! duck!’ It was funny because to him, small white animals in the distance are ducks… We don’t see many sheep where we live every day, so this is understandable. 

Anyway, we went to the park a few weeks ago to feed some ducks and he thought it was just hilarious how they dove for the bread! 

In other news, for those of you that we haven’t told yet, or who haven’t heard, we are expecting another baby! Due November 1. I’ve been feeling the early pregnancy nausea for about a week now, but thankfully, it’s not as debilitating as last time and I’m able to function pretty well. Looking forward to 6 weeks from now when it will hopefully start going away. Baby number two is currently about the size of a lentil! 🙂

Included below are some other recent photos.

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Progress on our bus

So far, Darren has started building the kitchen cabinets and he bought some great seats to put in the front. They are from a BMW and should have cost $800 but Darren found them for $45! They have electric buttons to adjust the seats. He also picked up a three seater van seat for passengers. It folds down when not in use which will help with our space.

I found a recipe for making your own wood stain using vinegar, coffee grounds, and steel wool. Its amazing because when you paint it on, its takes a little while to look like the finished look since a chemical reaction takes place with the tannins in the wood. I love the way it’s turning out. Below are some in progress photos so you can see the dark weathered look compared to the natural pine. 


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