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Where am I now? you might be wondering. It’s been about a month now since my last update and as far as you know, I could be in NZ right now.

Hmm, am I? Last you knew, I was waiting to hear back about my visa application. Well, I did hear back from the New Zealand embassy. There were a few problems I had to fix in my application which took about a week. Then I sent my application back to them. My application has been with them for about two weeks. And guess what? It will be with them for another 3 weeks at least. Some complications have come up because the embassy here in the US doesn’t understand how private schools hire teachers in NZ. It’s a bit confusing to describe, so I’ll spare you.

Anyway, so it will be a bit longer before I leave. It is true that I am very excited about leaving the US, but it’s not necessarily because I don’t like it here. I’m thankful I could experience the fall season. It was the most colorful that I’ve seen in the 6 autumns that I’ve been here. But I’m really excited about getting started down there, to experience a new place. So, I think you can understand my anxiousness to leave.

Oh, dear Lord, give me patience… this unknown is so hard to bear.

A friend told me that optimists have a really hard time with waiting for things that keep getting postponed. It’s because they are continually yo-yoing between believing that the next time it will work out, only to have their hopes dashed upon the rocks again and again.

Is there a possibility that I won’t go to New Zealand? Well, I suppose there is always a chance of anything. What would I do? Well, I don’t know… I think I would still probably want to go somewhere new. But, lets not spend too much time thinking about that… because there is still much we can do in making it to NZ. So, for now I’m in Michigan until mid November. And without a car for the first time in 5 years. Thankfully, I am employed until I leave. What an interesting unfolding of events.

I would appreciate your prayers in the matter.

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