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The exercise of waiting for my paperwork to be processed so that I can finally leave for New Zealand is a bit like existing inside a vacuum. There is no direction, no purpose, but only a mere perpetual existence. I’ve already said my farewells to a large amount of people and it’s getting a bit old to be asked again and again when I see them yet another time,

“Oh! You’re still here? When do you leave?”

“Oh, yes. I’m waiting on paperwork. I’ll leave when it’s all processed, probably in:  insert name of month which is two months from current month.”

I respond the same each time, but with each new week that I don’t hear back from the NZQA I visualize my arrival date drifting further and further into the future. This is the longest build up to something I’ve looked forward to ever. This isn’t like anticipating graduation, or your birthday, or even a vacation. No, because there is no set timeframe, and I keep believing that time frame is sooner than reality.

Initially, when I first considered New Zealand, I thought I would be graduated in December of 2011 and be arriving in NZ in January 2012. Then January moved to May so I could finish my minor. Then May moved to September when scoliosis went and got the best of me, postponing my arrival until after recovery from a major operation. Then, September went ahead, gallivanting on into October and perhaps November as I am waiting… waiting for New Zealand to grant me certification to be a teacher in their country.

Upon receiving this certification, I can apply for the oh so important working visa, that will allow me to receive a paycheck when I finally do get there and which will let me stay for 3 years. This visa will also take time to process, perhaps another 6 weeks. When I finally obtain this beautiful visa, I will be able to buy my plane ticket. Oh, the bliss of that purchase… looms ahead of me perpetually out of reach.

I keep trying to tell myself that, “God’s timing is always perfect; there must be a reason for the continual delay.” I can think of a few reasons:

  • It’s refreshing  to have a summer without commitments after 8 years of non stop.
  • It’s therapeutic to reflect and do absolutely nothing after being a student.
  • It’s helpful to have endless time to learn about the history and culture of NZ.
  • It’s good to finally be free to delve into hobbies I always wanted to try but never did.
  • It’s beneficial to be pushed to boredom so that when it’s time to work again I’ll embrace it.

I should be thankful to have these things.

Before last week I kept telling myself that I couldn’t even apply for a job because who would hire me if I were leaving in two months or less? Part of me just didn’t want a job, so I didn’t even try. Then, it hit me. Both the utter boredom as well as the realization that I could probably get a few hours here and there from my old boss who works in the distance learning department here at Andrews. So, I sent her an email and had a chat with her this afternoon. My email basically said this:

I am waiting to go to New Zealand until all my paperwork goes through and I feel pretty positive that I’ll be here until October. I am bored out of my mind and was wondering if there perhaps might be a job I could do until then, even if a few hours a week.

After chatting with her today she told me that in the last week or so her grad assistant was out of the office this week, then back for a week, and then gone until mid October and she was trying to figure out what she was going to do. It was then that she received my email. She almost couldn’t believe it. It makes me grin to try and wrap my mind around it as well.

So, I have a job and can perhaps start paying off loans while I wait for that anticipated day in the ambiguous future.

So dear readers, when in your life have you wondered about God’s timing? Have you ever been trapped in the vacuum of the present?


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Beautiful lyrics here.

A friend of mine just posted this cover and I thought I’d share. Her blog, To be Continued, can be found here:


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