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These things are awesome… Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it! Asparagus rolls are a traditional finger food found at pretty much all gatherings here in New Zealand. I had never heard of such a thing or tried anything similar before moving to here.

Soft bread with the crusts cut off, spread with mayo, place canned asparagus at the corner and roll it up. Yum! Asparagus Rolls! Try it try it!!! And let me know what you think.

Do you have any recipes like this in your part of the world? I’d love to hear about them.


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Fish and chips are a thing that began in Great Britian I think, which is why it’s a thing here in New Zealand. There are fish and chip shops all over the place. It’s a very popular, easy meal and Kiwis everywhere love it. 

What is it? Its battered fish with a ‘scoop’ of chips, or rather french fries as they are commonly known in America. A scoop is usually a nice serving of say the size of both hands cupped together. This is served wrapped in paper ready to take away and eat elsewhere. 

It’s very common for Kiwis to have fish and chips at a park on a nice day, and its also very common to see sandwiches made from this between white bread and tomato sauce or ‘ketchup’.

Today we had fish and chips at a park for tea, or ‘dinner’, our last meal of the day. Darren was asking me if there was anything iconic in America that compared to this. All I could think of was eating pizza. Maybe I’ve forgotten though, haha, is there something like this? 

Boy enjoyed the experience as did we. He loves slides and climbing as well. It was a nice close to the day together. 🙂

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