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November 18, 2020

We got up and the kids spent the morning hanging out with Nana and Papa. While doing some meal prep, I got a phone call from the school that interviewed me the day before. They said they were very impressed with my interview and offered me a job starting in the next year. It looks like I’ll be teaching some high school chemistry for 2 terms next year! It’s just the job we need to fill in the financial gap before Darren’s work starts on the farm we move to next year. After chatting a bit about that news, we drove up to Te Mata Peak for lunch. We had a little look around then rushed inside the bus to avoid the shower that passed over.

After lunch, we headed to Maraetotara Falls on the Maraetotara River. While we walked down to the falls we spotted both a brown trout and a rainbow trout which was so neat to see. They swam under the rocks as soon as they saw us, but Darren went and got a fishing rod and spinner anyway just to see if he could coax them out. We didn’t have any luck so headed back to the bus and drove to a beautiful spot on the riverbank of the Tukitiki River to park for the night. Darren lit a little fire and everyone played around a bit then brought everything in when some heavier rain started.

November 19, 2020

Darren spent the morning collecting some wood for our bus fire, since rain is forcast for later this week. We watched out the window as a man drove his car backwards past our bus on the gravel track and into a giant puddle filled hole. We went out to talk with him and he said he comes down to the river regularly like this to get a bit of water for his cows from the river. The big rain we got last week must have washed out the track as there was a little creek flowing down in now. Papa pulled the man out and he was on his way. I suppose its a reminder to never get complacent in life. Always be vigilant for what may be around you. A good idea figuratively and spiritually as well.

The kids took a nice nature walk and played in the river with Nana and Papa before we drove to the laundromat to do some washing while we had lunch. After that we said goodbye to Nana and Papa as they went back home. Then we headed to the Waikare River Mouth Campsite. We set up camp and had dinner, looked around and went to bed.

November 20, 2020

In the morning, all three campers that had been on site had packed up and left. They seemed to have been there a while, but we think they may have left because there was a school camp going on in the next paddock over which was quite noisy. They were packing up as well. Soon, we had the whole place to ourselves, which made the place so much nicer! It didn’t last however. A van drove in later and parked in the corner. The man in the van turned out to be a fairly nice old man who was a regular in the area.

View of the river and our campsite from the trail to the beach

The kids did some fishing at the river with Darren in the morning, and after lunch I took them on a 2 km walk to the beach. It was such a lovely beach. The views were breathtaking and the sand and rocks inviting. On our way there and back we saw cows and wild goats.

Then, we cleaned up the bus, and all had a wash out of a tub. We imagined Laura and Almanzo from the Little House on the Prarie book series as they were bathed in a tub in front of the fire once a week. Oh the memories we are making!

November 21, 2020

Today we just hung out around the bus and relaxed. We didn’t do much at all, a nice day.

November 22, 2020

Darren has been trying to catch a decent fish since we started our journey. He figured out how to catch little bait fish by using tiny hooks and so this morning he went out early to try and use the fresh bait to catch a bigger fish. He didn’t have any luck. So, I did some laundry and then we packed up and went to Shine Falls.

We had lunch and while Darren squirreled away some good firewood he found, the kids and I went on a walk to see the waterfall. On our way there we were fortunate enough to spot the rare and gorgeous and almost extinct Kakabeak tree! It had a lone flower left on it from spring which allowed us to identify it. The flower looks like the beak of the Kaka Parrot.

Blooming Kakabeak Tree

Then onward to the falls which did not dissapoint. Spectacular and breathtaking was the view. We were in awe as it misted on us being so close to it. The photos really don’t do it justice. After returning to the bus, we drove onward to find our next spot for the night.

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