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November 10, 2020

After packing up I took the kids to the settlers museum in Waipawa. We enjoyed looking at the exhibits and they liked playing with the old typewriters and things. The kids picked up a couple of free toys outside a thrift store on the way back to the bus. Then we stopped by a local pool and I paid $2 for a shower.

Next we headed to Kairakau Beach. It greeted us with beautiful steep cliffs on both sides of the river flowing out to sea, with our parking spot right on the edge of the beach. The afternoon cleared up enough for us to have a little walk and to watch the sun go down. Then the rain came back and kept on most of the next day.

November 11, 2020

We spent a cozy day inside painting and resting, until the rain stopped and we could do a bit more exploring. We found some giant boulders to play on but didnt stay too long because Girl was rather afraid of the waves which were quite close to the rocks. Darren kept our supply of firewood topped up and after dinner I hand washed some clothes and hung them to dry. Our neighbors had a nice little dog the children enjoyed petting.

Then to wind down for the night, Darren and I played checkers by the warm fire and talked about how much society has forgotten about how manual things used to be. Everything was so much work a couple hundred years ago. People didn’t usually have time for idle hands. I think much of the problems in todays world could be solved by keeping people from having idle hands. People have time now to worry about such small problems, and to get into mischief. This is partly why we are thankful to have the opportunity to do things the hard way sometimes. These things build character and give a sense of gratitude for what we have.

November 12, 2020

The weather was awesome. Sunny and warm. We spent the day fishing and caught one fish. Girl really doesn’t like the waves, so we try not to get too close. Boy likes the waves so it is sometimes a delicate balanceā€¦ Lol. I also did quite a bit of laundry by hand and baked for the weekend. One of the great things about a house bus is after you’ve had your fun outside, you can still go inside and function like you would at home.

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