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November 26, 2020

After seeing the Mangaone cave, we drove close to Gisborne and parked just outside the Te Wherowhero lagoon near Muriwai. We released the few hermit crabs from the last beach and then settled in for the night.

November 27, 2020

In the morning be explored the lagoon. We found mostly snails and crabs. Boy enjoyed trying to scare the crabs out of their holes. We saw something splashing in the lagoon and we think it was a little shark. I also saw a few baby flounder about the size of a coin. Legend among the locals is that there are giant flounder in the area.

We pondered coming back to try catching a giant flounder, and then drove into Gisborne to take care of some errands. We checked out the Gisborne Botanical Gardens and in the evening we parked at a beach in Makorori. The weather was hot and the water was beautiful. Boy’s favourite thing is letting the waves splash into him. Girl’s least favourite thing is the waves getting her. So we did our best to cool off and then called it a day.

November 28, 2020

Today we went to church and had lunch there. It was nice to chat with people about our trip and hear a bit of advice from the locals. Then in the afternoon we went and took a walk in the Gray’s Bush Senic Reserve Reserve just outside of town.

A Puriri Tree hugging a Kahikatea Tree. A rare sight, as they have different prefered growing conditions.

For the evening we went back to the lagoon near Muriwai and Darren had a go looking for giant flounder. He didn’t see any flounder but did notice some shrimp as well as crabs swimming. He was surprised to see them actually swimming rather than just crawling on the sand in the water.

November 29, 2020

We ran errands all day, because after Gisborne there will be no large towns until we are around the east cape. We bought a permit that would allow us to stay on the campsites in the area for 26 days, so we expect to take our time and enjoy the cape. Since we are well stocked, I have decided to challenge myself to spend no money on groceries except milk and maybe eggs for the next 2 weeks.

When we finally left town, we traveled to Turihaua Beach. We settled in and saw a man burning a bonfire on the beach. We went to look at the fire and had a chat with the man. He told us that he used to live and work in Australia and how he had to come back to New Zealand when Covid happened. Along with his wife, he’s been living on the beach since then, in a tent and caravan and working in Gisborne. They are hoping to return to Australia when things open up.

November 30, 2020

We had a relaxed morning and afternoon, playing on the beach and fishing. There was a small lagoon with lots of baby fish swimming around. We saw flounder, eel and kahawai babies. A girl from another campsite came and played with the kids in the water. When it started raining I called the kids in and we all warmed up near the fire. For the rest of the day we read stories and played card games.

December 1, 2020

It pretty much rained all day. We did more of the same stuff inside. Near the end of the day we went for a drive and also switched campsites at the same location. On our drive we checked out the next two camping locations and noticed how many people were actually living there as permanent campers. We had a chat with the lady employed to check permits. She said while it’s legal, its a real problem, especially with the housing crisis in New Zealand. All those people will need to find somewhere else to go after summer when the permit rules change. It felt a bit like a makeshift, lowscale trailer park. We asked the lady if there were any sites that were a bit less like that and she told us of a few places she considered better.

We had very much been wanting to explore the east coast and east cape since we had never experienced this region of New Zealand. But we both feel that this will be our last time through this area. The beaches are beautiful, and the weather is warm but we felt that New Zealand could do a bit better than what we saw there and we prefer places that are actually free and where people don’t congregate. It didn’t feel entirely safe.

December 2, 2020

We packed up and drove to our next location.

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