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Today starts the beginning of my thirties. I’ve been reflecting a bit about that notion. People tend to make a big deal about decade birthdays for some reason. When I think back to being twenty, I recall that I did have some expectations for what the next ten years would hold; things that I had hoped would happen in my life, and things I hoped I would do.

Quite a lot of things have happened how I would have hoped, some things happened that I wish didn’t, and a whole lot happened, that I didn’t expect at all. All three of these have changed me and I marvel at how a person can remain the same at their core and yet be so different at the same time. It’s a thing called growth, and a thing called metamorphosis. It gives me a huge appreciation for people considered ‘old’, and for the wisdom and secrets hidden in their stories.

The twenties have been great! They were full of opportunity, experience, beauty, challenge and discovery. I expect the thirties and beyond to offer similar things but in a more constant, flowing way. And I somehow expect them to pass by more quickly, for the days are long, but the years are short as they say… And now being settled into a marriage, motherhood, and a place to call home, days tend to roll on by in their sameness.

It’s this that gives me a motivation to try and make each day count for what it’s worth, make each moment special and appreciated. I want to focus on holding on to being creative, and find time to fit this in each day, and to focus on connecting to God each day, even if only in a small way, despite being busy or fatigued by the trials that life brings. I would also like to do less that has no purpose but to fill time.

If I could keep anything from my twenties that will fade with time, it would be my energy and health, and probably my teeth; if I could only keep one thing that I gained in my person, it would probably be the growth in confidence in who God made me and the talents He’s given.

I am blown away at how blessed I have been. I am beyond thankful.

Today, Darren is busy working, so yesterday we had breakfast together, and went out looking for wildflowers for my kitchen bench. This post’s photos show what we did and found.


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