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November 13, 2020

In the mornig we packed up and headed to Hastings. We bought some groceries, emptied our tanks, dumped rubbish etc.. Then we took the kids to a neat park. Boy played in the water and girl swung on swings and climbed. We then found a pool and all had a shower. We parked up at the Clifton Road Reserve. It was mostly rocks and not much space to explore so we spent one night there.

November 14, 2020

In the morning we went to church at the Napier SDA church, then went to the Bluff point lookout for lunch. The views were amazing. You can see all the way to Gisbon across the sea. Beautiful… After that we drove out to the Puketapu Domain and had a nice afternoon playing at the park there. We also found wild mock strawberries and picked a bunch before realising they didn’t taste nice at all.

There was a sign posted on the park warning of nesting magpies, and they weren’t a problem until later in the day. Then they wouldn’t stop dive bombing the kids. That paired with the fact that a drunk lady decided she wanted to be a bit more friendly than we were comfortable with made us decide to pack up and find a place elsewhere for the night. We drove back to the beach and stayed at the Haumoana Domain which was really nice.

November 15, 2020

We spent the morning fishing and playing by the sea. I found some sea lettuce and tried it in a salad. It was really leathery to the touch but in a salad it actually wasn’t all tjat different. It wasn’t crunchy like iceberg but was a bit more like mesculin in texture. In the afternoon we played in the grass and went for a bit of a walk on the tracks nearby. It was truly a lovely day.

We met a man that said he was diagnosed with a benign tumor that was invading his spine. He had to stop work because of it. He decided to sell his house and buy a van and travel around, and he’s so happy because of it. His tumor is even receding a bit. It’s amazing to hear the stories of people that choose this lifestyle. It seems like getting out and seeing the country brought joy and a positive outlook that helped him to feel better and to help his body fight his health issues.

November 16, 2020

This was a maintenance day. We got up, went and paid for some laundry, then I took the kids to the Napier aquarium. After that we picked up some things at the grocery store, and headed to the Clive Ski Reserve which had a very nice area for freedom campers.

We had dinner and went fishing. Boy reeled in fish that was on Girls hook because their lines were tangled together. It was great fun.

November 17, 2020

I had a job interview at a school for a temporary position at 2 pm so we played around at the park and had lunch before the appointment. Darren took the kids while I was busy. After the interview we met up with Darren’s parents back at the same place we stayed the night prior. Boy and Girl thoroughly enjoyed spending timd with Nana and Papa for the evening.

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